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It is commonly accepted that the well-being of both individuals and families is substantially affected when the need for satisfactory housing is not met. The same applies to the education sector, when schools lack classroom buildings, the need or right to education can`t be met satisfactorily. We do have expertise in the construction of residential homes, school buildings, health center facilities. In different regions of the country, we have constructed over 16 classroom blocks, 2 health centers, refurbished schools, 30 residential buildings and 4 foundation homes.



Improved water and sanitation systems can lead to transformed lives through the fighting of water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, etc. Let us change the whole world through the construction of rainwater harvesting tanks, VIP Latrines, eco-san toilets at our residential homes, schools, community markets, health center facilities. For over 11years of existence we have constructed 20 rainwater-harvesting tanks, 44 VIP latrines, and 10 Eco-san latrines.

We develop designs into coherent proposals, to communicate ideas and concepts, to convince our clients of the merits of a design. Bother no more for architectural designs, or landscaping design for a structure of your choice such as residential homes, recreation centres, and health centres.


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