Sustainable Sanitation Systems

Our ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines prevent the accumulation of flies and reduce odor by the addition of a vertical vent pipe to the latrine structure. They are affordable and efficient to build. Additionally, they offer a more pleasant atmosphere for the user compared to a conventional pit latrine.


Lined pit latrines are a longer-lasting type of toilet. The pit in these latrines is built up with bricks. When the pit gets filled, it can be emptied so the latrine can still be used. Lined pit latrines are especially useful in places where space is limited or where soils are too soft for unlined pits to hold their structure.


Ecological Sanitation (Eco-San) composting latrines present an environmentally-friendly alternative in sanitation. The latrines separate solid and fluid waste in easy-to-maintain storage compartments from where they are converted into safe fertilizer. It is an affordable solution that improves food production while eliminating costs associated with re-excavating and reconstructing new latrine blocks.