Brick by Brick Construction Company is a social enterprise that was started in 2011 as a collaborating partner with the non-profit Brick by Brick Uganda after our founders struggled to contract quality construction services for their infrastructure development projects. Since then, we have become a national leader in environmentally-friendly construction services, completing over 300 projects nationally. 


Our organization operates following the triple bottom line of profit, planet, and people. We operate with a for-profit model and use the sustainable technology of interlocking stabilized soil bricks (ISSB) to complete construction services with locally available and environmentally sustainable technology. We are youth-serving because we hire local young men from our communities of the rural Kyotera and Rakai Districts who have had a hard time securing employment and train them on the job to be masons for our construction work. We aim to support our employees by offering comprehensive benefits, profit-sharing at the end of each year, and quarterly management meetings, in addition, to securing employment and construction skills. 



Improved water and sanitation systems can lead to transformed lives through the fighting of water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, etc. Let us change the whole world through the construction of rainwater harvesting tanks, VIP Latrines, eco-san toilets at our residential homes, schools, community markets, health center facilities. For over 11years of existence we have constructed 20 rainwater-harvesting tanks, 44 VIP latrines, and 10 Eco-san latrines.


It is commonly accepted that the well-being of both individuals and families is substantially affected when the need for satisfactory housing is not met. The same applies to the education sector, when schools lack classroom buildings, the need or right to education can`t be met satisfactorily. We do have expertise in the construction of residential homes, school buildings, health center facilities. In different regions of the country, we have constructed over 16 classroom blocks, 2 health centers, refurbished schools, 30 residential buildings and 4 foundation homes.


Create a barrier that protects your family members, property, and intruders` access to prevent other forms of crime. With the right kind of fence increase your privacy and stop the prying eyes and then worry less. Also, fencing in schools is a very important requirement, and with the necessary safety features that the school needs, students and school property are all safeguarded. In the Mpigi district, we constructed a perimeter wall fence using ISSB bricks at St.Henry`s Buyege S.S.S. In Mpigi and Kalisizo-Kyotera district, we installed chain link fences on our clientele`s property.









ISSBs are made from murram stabilized with a small amount of sand. The mixture is compressed in a specially-made brick press and air-dried – no burning required. One pair of our skilled brick-makers can make up to 500 ISSBs a day.



We develop designs into coherent proposals, to communicate ideas and concepts, to convince our clients of the merits of a design. Bother no more for architectural designs, landscaping design for a structure of your choice such as residential homes, recreation centers, health centers.


Through skills development, we believe this will offer a chance to the youth to secure jobs faster, be self-reliant, and establish businesses on their own. Personal change, development, educational and vocational training can be one of the methods to overcome poverty in Uganda. 


Consultants in all kinds of architectural plans including residential, commercial, contemporary designs, organic Design Architecture, Landscape Designing, and many more.
Civil Works including, construction, On-site Supervision of building works, Bills of Quantities, Painting and Finishing works, Plumbing and Installation Works, Electrical and Metal Fabrication.


"With no doubt my experience with the Brick by Brick Construction team was amazing. I would definitely give the 5 stars rating."


"I am so happy with Brick by Brick Construction's services.  Brick by Brick constructed a Rainwater Tank at my primary, which now provides the staff and students easy access to water.  Brick by Brick's staff were also super-friendly, easy to work with, and professionally addressed my questions and needs.  I definitely recommend Brick by Brick Construction Company."


"Their whole team on-site exhibits good moral standards, brilliance and that's why we can happily recommend them if we have another project."



We are always humbled to take on every nature of the project. Take a look at our latest projects





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